26 September 2012


oh my word, you guys.  I'm obsessed with Instagram.  for some reason, it's hard for me to keep up with common pop culture items. For example, I don't read unless it's a classic novel or it will somehow help me learn something productive. We haven't been to see the new Batman movie (gasp!) or the Hunger Games and even yesterday, I had to ask someone who in the heck was Mumford and Sons. Embarrassing, I know. Either way, I've had an iPhone for over a year now and while I love it (besides the phone and picture messaging, of course) for the facebook app, maps/GPS and email, I still don't know what twitter is and how it is productive and beneficial, I don't know the purpose for foursquare and use yelp only when I'm in a city with which it is reliable. Even Pinterest only gets frequented for recipes when I am most definitely bored and on my last leg. 

But Instagram?  I apparently signed up for it a couple years ago when we got our iPod touch but used it very sporadically.  When I got my iPhone, I posted a few more pictures but wasn't really in tune with following people and I, for some reason, posted every picture I took via Instagram to my facebook page (groan).  Thanks to my friend Kristin, who bugged me to get back on the wagon, I now understand it a little better and am looking for things to take pictures of.  From my understanding, it's more of an ongoing photo album that you may post to facebook, if you'd like, but don't have to.  I love seeing everyone else's pictures, too!  (so follow me!  @dbrummer)

Speaking of looking for things to take pictures of, Tyler and I were watching a lightning storm from our back patio last night and after about 15 minutes, I gave up trying to take a cool filtered picture to post to Instagram (the delay is quite long, apparently).  But Ty got a few good pictures with the long exposure on our canon.

Can you believe my iPhone couldn't capture these shots? ;)

We are getting closer to deciding on a vacation for next month and I'm getting more and more excited about relaxing and adventure!  Happy Wednesday, all!

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